David Springett has been making lace bobbins for over 20 years and specialised in turning the highly decorated bobbins traditionally used in the East Midland area of England. He has developed a variety of tricks and techniques evolving an extremely efficient method of working which made him one of the country's leading bobbin makers. In this book David describes how to make over 24 different styles of lace bobbin explaining the techniques required to turn them in both wood and bone.

As well as describing the production of bobbins such as "Cow & Calf", "Bees Knees", "Caterpillar" and "Mother & Babe", he explains how to select and prepare bone, how turn miniature bobbins, inlay pewter, produce Tunbridge mosaic and make dowel using a simple jig. Many of these techniques are invaluable in other forms of turnery making this a book packed with valuable tips and information. 122 pages, 55 line drawings and more than 180 photographs compliment the detailed step by step instructions. 8 colour plates show the finished lace bobbins.

Reviewed in "Good Woodworking" magazine. January 1997 by Ian Wilkie. Book review....."When I bought David Springett's book I read it from cover to cover with great pleasure and could hardly wait to get into my workshop fast enough!"........."The clear drawings, the diagrams showing templates with measurements, and the black and white photographs are of a high standard"..........."I have no hesitation in recommending this book.".............."David Springett's techniques, ideas and methods are an inspiration." Ian Wilkie. "Good Woodworking's" verdict on a 5 star rating system..... Illustrations.... 5 Stars. Text.............. 5 Stars. Overall......... 5 Stars. Value for money...5 Stars.
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