ISBN ISBN 0 9517157 6 3

This is David Springett's 4th Woodturning book. Here are 12 projects that will not only intrigue woodturners but will be fun to make, a pleasure to play with and can be profitable too. This book is packed with valuable information, tips and techniques including hand thread chasing, split turning, small turning methods, hot & cold glue chucks, the use of mandrels and a variety of other holding methods. 4 colour pages, over 275 b&w photographs and more than 70 line drawings compliment the step by step instructions in this 72 page book.

From the downright simple............. Bottle Imp- simple to make but a turned torment for your friends. It just will not behave itself, it will not lie down unless told to do so by you. To the ...................slightly more challenging Magic Mushroom. The hand chased threads (technique clearly described) produce an infuriating version of a child proof locking system---you know, the one adults can't open.

And in between is a..... Curious mouse which has eaten too much and become permanently stuck in a wedge of cheese. An apple core which may or may not be bad. A stick stuck in a cone, like a sword in the stone, "Magic" is its only release. Three pine trees. One tree requires at least 255 moves to transplant.
An indestructable grub through a Williams pear. Even cutting it in half will not kill it. Neil Terry's chocolate orange. How will you open yours?
The 1950's flying saucer mystery continues. It has landed but it won't open. Tam Sung's Chinese well. Opening is easy but covering it is not.
Enter the Greek temple and steal the urn if you can. Are you greater than Alexander? He cut the Gordian knot, can you undo it? Are you up to these fun challenges?, this fun turning?, the fun playing & making? And these turned pieces are saleable too!

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